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Onion : Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications
Authorship Description
Dr. Himadri Panda.
Bibliographical Details x, 307 p. ills. (partly col.). 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN-10 9350568225
ISBN-13 9789350568224, 978-9350568224
Year of Publication 2017.
Series Herbal and Aromatic Plants.
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Onion : Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications

"Onion was highly respected in the Ancient Egyptian civilization. Infact, the well-known `Sham EL Neseem' festival, where fish and onions are eaten is the celebration of the coming spring to the Egyptians. This custom of eating very highly salted (rotten) fish, with massive quantities of onion and spring onions certainly has carried on to our present day by the Egyptians. The botanical name for onion is Allium Cepa. Its common name is garden onion. Its arabic name is Basal. It is a plant in which we wonder where to place it; with spices or with vegetables.

The esteemed Greek physician Hippocrates prescribed Onions as a diuretic, wound healer and pheumonia fighter.

Onions are noted in the Bible as one of the foods most longed for by the Israelites after leaving Egypt for the Promised Land.

The HOLY QURAN narrates the story of the Israelites longing for Onions and asking Moses to pray to GOD asking for onions and other plants. Moses told them to `go down to Egypt', where they can find all what they had longed for, inspite they had much better food from God.

In this handbook almost all the aspects related to onion are covered with a balanced approach. The authors demonstrates the newness of onion concept for readers. This will help the readers to discover easily different concepts, philosophical and techncal differences between different techniques. This book is very useful to students research scientists agriculturists and project leaders to understand the beneficial uses of onion."
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1. Introduction

2. Onion Cultivation

3. Process of Onion Dehydration

4. Effect of Process Parameters of Osmotic Dehydration of Summer Onion

5. Onion Flakes

6. Homemade Onion Flakes

7. Gamma Irradiaton Improved the Quality of Onion Flakes

8. Onion Powder

9. Onion Seed Production Techniques

10. Process of Producing Large Dehydrated Onion Pieces

11. Process for Controlling the Pinking of Onions

12. An Integrated Approach to Drying Technologies

13. Infrared Drying of Onion

14. Microwave Drying of Onion Slices

15. Process Optimisation of Vacuum Drying of Onion Slices

16. Process of Vacuum Treating Onions

17. Apparatus for Peeling Skins Off the Bulbs of Onions

18. Magnetic Driven Onion Peeler

19. Flavoring Material Prepared from Onions

20. Onion Harvester with Leaf Topper

21. Liquid Cooling Sensate

22. Dyeing the Textile Article

23. Food Composition

24. Edible, Multipurpose Flavored Oil

25. Alkenyl Trisulfides

26. Prevention of Cold and Flu

27. Antiviral Composition

28. Antimicrobial Proteins

29. Pyruvate Enriched Onion Extract

30. Treatment of Colds

31. Method for Improvement of the Appearance of Scars

32. Topical Compositions for Personal Care

33. Prevention and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Cardiac and Vascular Complications

34. Crude Drug Compositions

35. Composition for Repelling Animals

36. Homeopathic Composition

37. Herbal Composition for Treating HIV

38. Preventing Urinary System Infections



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Onion : Cultivation, Processing, Utilizations and Applications / Dr. Himadri Panda. 1st ed. New Delhi, Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (KK-133024)

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