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Pentagon Yearbook, 2017 : South Asia Defence and Strategic Perspective
Authorship Description
Edited by Dr. Vijay Sakhuja.
Bibliographical Details x, 236 p. maps. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Pentagon Press.
ISBN-10 8182749468
ISBN-13 9788182749467, 978-8182749467
Year of Publication 2017.
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Pentagon Yearbook, 2017 : South Asia Defence and Strategic Perspective

"South Asia's complex geopolitical realities present a number of challenges to regional countries and dominate the discourse. Likewise, there are complex geostrategic issues which inhibit regional cooperation and add to trust-deficit. This volume captures perspectives of experts and scholars on South Asia who offer some deep insights of the region. It addresses a number of issues that fall into the domain of geopolitics, geo-economics and geostrategic. With connectivity being the buzzword of 2016, the volume draws attention to the geostrategic calculus involving trasport corridors and the emerging great game in South Asia. The book also deliberates on thematic issues such as trends in defence spending as well as marine protected areas in the region. This volume is a must read for academics, researchers and policy makers in South Asia as also those who pursue various political, security and environmental issues confronting the region."
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1. South Asia Security Prospects : The Challenges Before India / Sayed Ata Hasnain

2. Prospects for Afghanistan in 2017 / Shakti Sinha

3. Transport Corridors and Overcoming the Connectivity Syndrome : India-Iran-Afghanistan and Beyond / Mondira Dutta

4. Bangladesh 2016 : Facing Challenges of Radicalism / Joyeeta Bhattacharjee

5. Sri Lanka as a Small State : A Strategic Review / Hans Freddy

6. Nepal in 2016 : An Assessment / Nihar R. Nayak

7. China in 2016 : The Pursuit of Stability and Power / Jabin T. Jacob

8. China's Maritime Silk Road--Economic and Strategic Access in Southern Asia-Indian Ocean : Implications for the Region / W. Lawrence S. Prabhakar

9. Britain and South Asia / Krishnan Srinivasan

10. A Global Conflict : 2016 / Ajay Singh

11. Defence Spending in South Asia : Trends and Analysis / Prakash Gopal

12. Russia-China-Pakistan : Emerging of a Great Games in South Asia / Rameshwar Roy

13. Marine Protected Areas in South Asia / Vijay Sakhuja

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Pentagon Yearbook, 2017 : South Asia Defence and Strategic Perspective / Edited by Dr. Vijay Sakhuja. 1st ed. New Delhi, Pentagon Press. (KK-133410)

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