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Forests and Tribal Livelihood : Changing Behaviours and Attitudes
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Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah.
Bibliographical Details xxiv, 288 p. ills. (partly col.). maps. 23 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company.
ISBN-10 9351251802
ISBN-13 9789351251804, 978-9351251804
Year of Publication 2017.
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Forests and Tribal Livelihood : Changing Behaviours and Attitudes

"This book is about the changing character of forests and of livelihood of the forest-dwelling tribal people in India since independence, with particular reference to Gujarat. It analyses the impact of a number of interventions by the central and the State government, such as constructing dams, setting up of industries, and other developmental activities in these areas. It reviews, in particular, various laws adopted by the British colonial Government as well as the government of independent india regarding forests and the tribals, and how the tribal customary laws conflict with the laws of the modern state.

Another focus of the book is the migration of the tribals, temporary or permenant, from rural to urban areas, from one rural area to another, or from one town to another. It analyses, in particular, how a number of tribals retain strong links with their original villages for the benefit of household members in both locations, and how increased migration has caused cultural disruption.

The book dwells into the decreasing dependence of the tribals on the forest and its products, and the increasing adoption of alternative sources of livelihood such as dairy farming, horticulture, and modern techniques in agriculture.

Finally, the book critically reviews policies regarding forests and the tribals, and suggests amendments."
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1. Introduction

2. Legal, Political and Developmental Investigations in Forests

3. Changing Behaviour of Forests in Gujarat

4. Migration and Change among Tribals

5. Forest Related Conflicts among the Tribals

6. Profiles of the Villages : Respondents and Households

7. Changing Patterns of Tribal Livelihood and Literacy

8. Findings of the Study

9. Contours of Long-term Policy Implications




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Forests and Tribal Livelihood : Changing Behaviours and Attitudes / Lancy Lobo and Jayesh Shah. 1st ed. New Delhi, Concept Publishing Company. (KK-136027)

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