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Folk Music of the Himalayas
Authorship Description
Mandira Ghosh.
Bibliographical Details 204 p. ills. (partly col.). 22 x 28 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st rev. ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications.
ISBN-10 8182900166
ISBN-13 9788182900165, 978-8182900165
Year of Publication 2018.
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US $ 99.80
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Folk Music of the Himalayas

"`Folk Music of the Himalayas' is a comprehensive book on the music of the Himalayas. Music transcends all barriers and thus it will not be very difficult for anyone to appreciate the most unfamiliar sounds and tones from a more unfamiliar world. At one side of the mighty Himalayas, the Kashmiri women ignoring the sound of guns across the border still sing in the fields, on the other side the Tibetans preserve their age old faith and tradition ignoring threat and oppression. Still for both the, Himalayas spread tranquility and both inhereit the mountains and its music.

The book is a document of hopes, aspirations, misery and economic plight of the Himalayan people.

`Folk-music of the Himalayas' impresses the mind. Just as a white sheet can be tinged with many shades exactly in the same manner the music of rustics tinge hues to the melancholic mind of men and women and this book is indeed a record of that dying music. Modern music is more noise and it is indeed and uphill task to record the melodies of the simple people. Still there is a need to preserve the music accompanied by the eco-friendly folk instruments against the sound of Jazz and band.

The author believes that all men and women of the mighty Himalayas must be credited to keep the music alive and eternal."
                                                                         [from Blurb]




1. Folk Music of Jammu and Kashmir

2. Folk Music of Himachal Pradesh

3. Folk Music of the Kumaon

4. The Music of Uttarakhand

5. Folk Music of Sikkim

6. Folk-music of Nagaland

7. Folk Music of Arunachal Pradesh

8. Folk Music of Nepal

9. Music of Tibet

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Folk Music of the Himalayas / Mandira Ghosh. 1st rev. ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications. (KK-137207)

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