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Imagining Hinduism : A Postcolonial Perspective
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Sharada Sugirtharajah.
Bibliographical Details xviii, 166 p.
Edition, Place & Publisher Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN-10 8120840917
ISBN-13 9788120840911, 978-8120840911
Year of Publication 2017.
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Imagining Hinduism : A Postcolonial Perspective

Hinduism has long been a central feature in Western consciousness. Ever since the West first came into contact with it, the tradition has been defined and interpreted mainly in Western categories. Western responses to Hinduism have been varied, complex, and ambivalent, ranging from romantic admiration to ridicule. What this volume seeks to do is to investigate some of these representations from a postcolonial perspective. Taking a brief look at the emergence of the concept Hinduism, it examines European orientalist and missionary constructions of Hinduism during the colonial period, and also examines how such representations impacted on Hindus in India and in the diaspora. The volume draws attention to how Hindu movements in the diaspora replicate orientalist articulations of Hinduism. In looking at these constructions of Hinduism, the volume aims to show how Hinduism came to be tailored to fit the varied hermeneutical and ideological positions of both Western and Indian interpreters.

Imagining Hinduism introduces a new significant way of looking at Western constructions of Hinduism. Employing current postcolonial categories, the author examines how Hinduism has been defined, interpreted and manufactured through Western categorizations, from the foreign interventions of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century orientalists and missionaries to the present day.

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Imagining Hinduism : A Postcolonial Perspective / Sharada Sugirtharajah. Delhi, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd. (KK-133989)

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