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Monograph on Grain Legumes
Authorship Description
Dr. Shanker Lal and Dr. Arun Kumar.
Bibliographical Details xx, 349 p. ills. (partly col.). 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, Today and Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers.
Year of Publication 2017.
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Monograph on Grain Legumes

"In this monogram 23 grain legumes have been described which are grown in different parts of India. Ofthese, nine are major ones Viz. Chickpea, Pigeon pea, Urd bean, Mung bean, Horse gram, Moth bean, Grass pea, Lentils and Field pea. There are fourteen more grain legukes Viz., cowpea, cluster bean, hyacinth bean, jack bean, broad bean jombi pea. Rajmash borad bean, lima bean, rice bean winged bean, velvet bean, adzuki bean and Pillipesara which are grown sporadically for special purpose (gain, vegetable, fodder industrial and medicinal. Two grain legumes (soyabean and groundnut) have not been included in this monogram as they are basically oilseed crops.

The first chapter on introduction is comprised of importance of Pulses and their status in the world, cheap source of quality protein, infrastructure of research on Pulses in India and history of creation of Indian institute of Pulses research. Second chapter described the role of rhizobium in pulses production and there are two more aspects (biochemistry of nirtogen fixation, assessment of nitrogen fixation). The third chapter covered the pulses production scenario in India and its status in the world.

Fourth chapter described each pulse in respect of origin, area adaptation, production, botanical description genetics and inheritance and varietal development, Crop production technology of each Pulse have been dealts with in respect of properties of land, sowing time, seed rate, spacing, harvesting and threshing along with water, weed and nutrient requirement and disease and insect pest management.

The fifth chapter deals with seed production in respect of nuclesus, breeder, foundation certified seeds and GOI's initiatives for increasing the seed production by creating seed hubs in the country, the future seed requirement has also been projected. In the sixth chapter, opportunities of pulses production for nutritional security and sustainability of crop production have been narrated. The constraints in pulses production have been described in the seventh chapter.

In the eight chapter the measures for increasing production of pulses through productivity enhancement and area expansion have been suggested. The details of the activity of national food security mission on pulses launched by GOI for enhancing the pulses, production and the necessary measures have been discussed in chapter nine."
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Monograph on Grain Legumes / Dr. Shanker Lal and Dr. Arun Kumar. 1st ed. New Delhi, Today and Tomorrow's Printers & Publishers. (KK-135988)

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