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Battles of the Honourable East India Company : Making of the Raj
Authorship Description
Wg. Cdr. Dr. M. S. Naravane.
Bibliographical Details xiv, 260 p. ills. maps. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. New Delhi, A. P. H. Publishing Corporation.
ISBN-10 813130034X
ISBN-13 9788131300343, 978-8131300343
Year of Publication 2018.
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Battles of the Honourable East India Company : Making of the Raj

"The honourable East India Company was `often inglorious and almost never honourable'. Yet it came to trade and ended up by establishing an empire. There were a number of milestones during its 250 year journey, from 1612 to 1849. There were triumphs and tragedies; acts of great valour and dignity as well as acts of disrepute and disgrace.

The empire was acquired mainly by military force. The native rulers were subjugated by conquests. They were shackled by treaties. They were allowed to exist at the pleasure of the Governor General. This book is the story of that conquest.

The book deals with all major battles of the East India Company, starting with the naval battle off the coast of Swally (Suhali) in 1612 to the Second Sikh War and annexation of the Punjab in 1849. The Afghan and Burma Wars and the Mutiny of 1857 are excluded. Chapter II deals with the`Geographical Portrait and Climate of History' of India in which the Company operated. Chapter III traces the `Evolution of the Political and Military Ethos of the Company'. Chapter IV to X describe the various battles--against the Portuguese and the Dutch, against the Mughals, the French, the Marathas, Haidar and Tipu, the Ghorkhas and the Sikhs. Chapter XI discusses the reasons why the Company triumphed.

Appendices `A' to ~F' cover related topics: a list of Gevernor Generals, Acquisitions by the East India Company, Chronology of Events and Chrononology of Battles, a note on the Europeans Serving in the Armies of Indian Rulers, and Important Genealogies. The last Appendix -- `G' gives the Bibliography of books consulted by the Author. Seventy four maps illustrate the various events and are an important feature of this book."
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Battles of the Honourable East India Company : Making of the Raj / Wg. Cdr. Dr. M. S. Naravane. 1st ed. New Delhi, A. P. H. Publishing Corporation. (KK-137234)

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