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Management Culture in India : An Ethnographic Study
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M. Romesh Singh.
Bibliographical Details xvi, 242 p. 25 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications.
ISBN-10 8131608204
ISBN-13 9788131608203, 978-8131608203
Year of Publication 2017.
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Management Culture in India : An Ethnographic Study

"The concept of management and organizational culture has gained wide acceptance as a way to understand human systems and it has also proved that organizational culture has had deep impact on the variety of organizational culture has had deep impact on the variety of organizations process, employees and its performance. The social cultural milieu in India is inimitable; its peculiarities shape the personality of the management practitioner and also influence management practices.

It is clear that organizational culture plays a very significant role in the management of the organization. Each discipline with its own methodology has undertaken a number of studies about organizations and produced varied results which enhanced the scope of each discipline to take up studies further within the field of organizational culture. However, literature survey indicates that there have been very few ethnographic studies undertaken to identify cultural variables, which have a bearing on corporate and non-corporate management in India. In this context, the present study is an attempt to explore, identify and understand the trends in management of corporate organizations in India through an ethnographic study."
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1. Introduction

2. Doing Ethnography in Business Organization

3. Management Culture in India : A Historical Perspective

4. Case Study of Scientific Organization

5. Case Study of Seacom Pvt Ltd

6. Case Study of Telcom Company Pvt Ltd

7. Case Study of Heavy Electrical Company

8. Summary and Conclusions



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Management Culture in India : An Ethnographic Study / M. Romesh Singh. 1st ed. Jaipur, Rawat Publications. (KK-134850)

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