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Curriculum Development in Teacher Education : Innovative Practices
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Edited by Dr. Renu Nanda and Dr. Mubarak Singh.
Bibliographical Details viii, 263 p. ills. 24 cm.
Edition, Place & Publisher 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications.
ISBN-10 8182904323
ISBN-13 9788182904323, 978-8182904323
Year of Publication 2017.
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Curriculum Development in Teacher Education : Innovative Practices

"In this book several Professors, Research Scholars and Students have contributed their research papers for the National Seminar on Innovative Curriculum Development Practices in Teacher Education organized by the Department of Education, University of Jammu held on February 17, 2017 under UGC-SAP. Each paper depicts reflects divergent thinking of authors and is focussed on how innovative curriculum development practices can be adopted to make teacher education programme worthy and fruitful. The revitalisation and reorganisation of the teacher education programme is a powerful tool for the upliftment of educational standards in the country. Effective curriculum frameworks for initial teacher education aimed at developing professionalism in teachers are expected to have thier base in well defined standards for various categories of teachers. Therefore any reform in developmental practices of teacher education should ideally be accompanied by reforms in teacher preparation courses also. The focus of the seminar was to understand curriculum innovation from the perspective of teacher educators and the prospective teachers. It is argued that the deterioration of quality of education in schools is partly to be attributed to the way in which teachers are educated. `Teaching how to teach' is a complex work and places heavy demands on teacher educators. Curriculum innovation is considered as an essential strategy for bringing about improvement in teacher education. A major effort to rejuvenate teacher education towards modernisation, contextualisation professionalization has been made in 2009 through the National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education (NCFTE). This framework envisages a two year teacher preparation programme along with the four year integrated teacher education courses. It ensures that teacher education courses are reoriented to align with the epistemological shift envisaged in the NCF 2005 and develops teacher as facilitators of learning. It includes the contexts, concerns and vision of teacher education which calls for preparing teachers for learning society, empowering teachers in learning to learn, and making teacher education liberal, humanistic and responsive to the demands of inclusive education. During recent years the epistemology of learning has undergone a major change: i.e. learning does not involve discovering the reality, but constructing the reality. Knowledge and cognition are to be constructed and affects are to be felt. Emphasis has, how been shifted towards constructivist approach of learning. The organizers thus thought the topic of the seminar to be innovative to provide an insight into the arena of teacher education. The seminar was organized with the objective of addressing few points of concern which include Curriculam issues, Special Education, Integration of ICT in the curriculum of teacher education which is in tune with the thrust of NCF 2005. Hope all the readers will like this effort and appreciate the same."
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1. Role of Constructivist Approach in Present Era of Teacher Education / Dr. Mubarak Singh and Ana Bali

2. Innovative Practices by Teacher Educator's in Teacher Education Programme / Prof. Dr. Renu Nanda and Sheetal Sharma

3. Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the Education of Children with Special Needs / Dr. Rohnika Sharma

4. Organizational Responsibilities for Implementation of New Teacher Education Curriculum / Dr. S. K. Panda

5. Teacher Education and Internship practices in present scenario / Vivek Sharma

6. Teacher's training programme in Rajouri district of Jammu province / Dr. Kavita Suri

7. Inclusive Education at the Crossroads in India / Dr. Niharika Panda

8. Role of ICT and Teacher Education in Promotion of Clean Renewable Sources of Energy (An Empirical Study) / Maliha Batool

9. Examine the Impact of Learning Organisation (LO) Dimensions on Organisational Performance in Education Sector / Jyoti Sharma and Rashmi Manhas

10. Education of Differently - Abled in India : Policy Perspectives and Barriers / Princy Sharma

11. An Assessment Study on ICT integration in teacher education / Dr. Vivek Sharma

12. Gender differences in self efficacy and job satisfaction among higher secondary teachers of Jammu Province / Pallavi Sachdeva

13. Self efficacy : An innovative pracitce to enhance Inclusive Education for children with Learning Disabilities / Sheetal Sharma, Ana Bali and Sheetal Thappa

14. Two Years Teacher Education Programme for the Promotion of Inclusive Education / Anuradha Rani

15. Two Years B.ED Teacher Education Programme : Issues and Concerns / Rekha Rani

16. Ict and Teacher Education / Rajesh Jalyal

17. Teacher's Preparation Programmes : Concerns and Challenges in Indian Context / Sudershan Kumar Pathania

18. Role of Quality Teaching in Empowering Adolescent Girls : Problems and Prospects / Varsha Kapoor

19. Agent of Change : ICT and Education / Sita Anand and Prof Renu Nanda

20. Innovative techniques of Teaching in education / Dr. Manju Dwivedi

21. Implementation of Entrepreneurship Education / Kusha Sharma, Anu Salaria and Vivek Sharma

22. Impact of Mentoring on Relationship Quality and Research Satisfaction / Dr. Jeevan Jyoti, Poonam Sharma and Asha Rani

23. Role of ICT in teacher Education in the present scenario / Ashu Rajput

24. Role of ICT in Teacher Education / Divya Jyot Oberoi

25. Blended Learning - A Pedagogical Approach in Teacher Education / Nita Devi

26. Need of ICT in Teachere Education / Sanamdeep Kaur

27. Motivation to Pursue Teacher Education Program : An Innovation Towards Teaching Profession / Sushma Bala

28. Job Stress among Teachers : Inclusion of Stress Management Program in Teacher Education Curriculum / Upasana Sharma

29. Innovations in Methods of Teaching in Two Year B.ED Programme / Meena Kumari

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Curriculum Development in Teacher Education : Innovative Practices / Edited by Dr. Renu Nanda and Dr. Mubarak Singh. 1st ed. Gurgaon, Shubhi Publications. (KK-137202)

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