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Emerging Public Health Issues
Authorship Description
Editor: Dr. D. C. Nanjunda.
Edition, Place & Publisher New Delhi, AAYU Publications.
ISBN-10 9385161482
ISBN-13 9789385161483, 978-9385161483
Year of Publication 2017.
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Emerging Public Health Issues

Public health in India exhibits a peculiar trend. While India has been sporadically successful in combating various diseases in the years after Independence, the absence of an overarching public health network has ensured that the country's disease burden remains extraordinarily high. Health is resolute not only by medical care but also by determinants outside the medical sector. Public health approach is to deal with all these determinants of health which requires multi sectoral collaboration and inter-disciplinary coordination. The case for preventive healthcare is made even stronger by the fact that almost 80% of all lifestyle diseases can be prevented by modifying health habits and detecting the possibility or the onset of a disease at a very early stage through preventive health screening. The present book is collection of article published in the health journals. This book is useful for the health policymakers, health economists, researchers, publics, academicians, NGOs etc.

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Emerging Public Health Issues / Editor: Dr. D. C. Nanjunda. New Delhi, AAYU Publications. (KK-134158)

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